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Welcome to Freetown Waste Transformers, (FWT)- Your Organic Waste to Energy Solutions Provider in Sierra Leone! We take all your food waste and turn it into electricity, heat and fertilizer right at your location and cut costs on your energy and waste management bill.

The Freetown Waste Transformers, SL LTD is an integrated Waste Management Solutions Provider with over 10 years of experience in the Waste Management Sector in Freetown.


Our vision is to be the leader in waste valorization by utilizing innovative technologies to deliver eco-friendly and sustainable bioenergy in a manner that contributes to green growth transformation and job creation for its waste collection partners in the city of Freetown and the ECOWAS Region, by extension.


Our missionĀ  Is to transform lives by delivering sustainable solutions to our clients and the societies in which we operate, while empowering our employees to perform optimally and deliver superior service to our stakeholders.


With a staff strength of 10 employees (core and contracted) and an experienced Team of sector experts, FWT is strategically placed to work alongside private and public sectors, to deliver sustainable waste management and energy solutions for the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone and the Region.

The Team Lead and Principal, Mrs. Aminata B. Dumbuya-Jarr, is a change agent and a seasoned professional with extensive multi-industry experiences in waste management, energy access, and in providing professional business services through her other companies, Pinnacle Marketing and Business Services International (BSL SL @ She has built sustainable brands and spearheaded the uptake of commercial scale waste management services in the city by working closely with local and central government officials to build the waste management ecosystem to support private sector participation in the sanitation sector. All of her businesses are sustainable and continue to survive through the many economic shocks that Sierra Leone has faced, from the Ebola Crisis, The Landslides, and now, the Covid19 Pandemic. She has built a strong network of stakeholders, especially her close working relationship with the Mayor of Freetown, which has contributed to the City’s understanding of the Project and its successful implementation of the 6 transfer stations in which the W2E digesters are proposed to be collocated within.